We make a life by what we give
June 6, 2018 | 1:49 PM
by Salim Al Afifi
Children participating in charity work

There is nothing more beautiful than someone going out of their way to make life beautiful for others. This Ramadan the charity organisations in Oman are reaching out to people with love, compassion, and generosity.

“There’s nothing in this world more beautiful than giving back,” said Alyaa Al Makhzoumi, founder and head of Basmat Amal, a charity organisation dedicated to taking care of orphans and families. And it’s a statement that we endorse as well, especially at this time of the year when it is important to give back. The desire to give back during Ramadan doubles and results in a lovely and harmonious atmosphere where volunteers are engaged in many philanthropic activities.

Here in Oman, in the past few years, the number of organisations and volunteering groups has drastically increased, with people being more sensitive to the needs of people not just within their communities but also overseas, to countries that are in need of help.

Why do people love to give back especially during Ramadan? The answer is simple. Because the virtues collected are multiplied, and for believers, it gives them tremendous rewards. A golden ticket that helps them get closer to God.

Before we dive into the charities, let’s explore the benefits of giving back. First, it elevates your self-esteem and self worth, as it is a selfless act that makes you feel good about yourself, serving a great deal of personal satisfaction and development. Secondly, it brings about a sense of contentment and joy, as the individual becomes optimistic with a positive mood and exciting outlook on life.

The benefits of charity have a great effect on the community as well; the more these charities help foster happiness to the less fortunate, the better these communities grow. In addition to that, spiritual folks believe that giving back always comes full circle. If you offer a helping hand, a threefold reward will be offered back to you by Allah, which is something that keeps volunteers and organisations motivated to do good.

Iftar giveaways in Ramadan

In Muscat, there are many charitable organisations that have a special place in the hearts of people, charities that opened their doors to serving the needy in various ways. Some charities donate clothes to those in need of clothing, some offer housing to those in need of shelter, and most importantly, some even cook food for those who are fasting.

Alyaa said that her group has set up an Iftar tent on the industrial side of Al Ma’abela, where a number of blue collar and expat workers turn up to break their fast. The work of Alyaa and her team doesn’t end there, they also distribute water to hospitals in Seeb, feed Muslims for Suhoor (a late night meal during Ramadan), hand out Iftar packages at Burj Al Sahwa highway in Seeb and to security guards across town, as well as ensure Eid giveaways for poor families.

Alyaa has also held workshops to help families learn how to earn money by teaching them various crafts.

“Our aim was and still is to help ease the struggles of people and contribute to our society,” she said.

In the interiors, the race to give back is just as strong, with young men and women forming groups and organisations committed to the cause.

In Quriyat, Salim Mubarak Al Rotani, who is the founder of Quriyat Charity Group, continues to help his community during Ramadan by offering food to more than 500 fasting families, as well as handing Iftar boxes to folks driving along the lengthy stretch that leads to Muscat from Sur, distributing water to mosques across town, buying new clothes for orphans and poor families, and passing around Ramadan dining necessities such as meat and packs of chicken.

“Charity is important to build communities, as it is a human practice that helps you see the best in people,” said Salim.

Suad Abdullah Al Alawiya of Sarb Al Atta volunteering group in Al Dhahira managed a fun-filled activity where they put out a tent for needy families to sell food. The families sold Omani delicacies and Ramadan staples, among other things.

These local charities are a living, breathing proof that giving back during this blessed month plants seeds of empathy, compassion, and love towards the less fortunate. Sometimes we, as human beings, need to be reminded that there are people who need our help, especially during the month-long fasting period of Ramadan. — [email protected]

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