Royal Oman Police to auction unclaimed vehicles in Dhofar region

Oman Saturday 23/January/2016 20:17 PM
By: Times News Service
Royal Oman Police to auction unclaimed vehicles in Dhofar region

MUSCAT: A bidding war is expected to start next month as the Royal Oman Police (ROP) prepares to auction off unclaimed vehicles, which were detained at the Al Mazyouna Police Station in the Dhofar Governorate.
The ROP announced it will begin auctioning vehicles on Monday, February 8, which were impounded for violating traffic laws and unsettled fines.
Locals, residents and visitors from outside the Sultanate will be able to participate in the auction and those willing to take part will be able to inspect and appraise the vehicles from February 3 to 4 from 9 am to 12 pm at the Al Mazyouna Police Station.
According to the ROP, the impounded vehicles had violated traffic laws, which includes safety violations, and are held for not more than two weeks; during that time the owner must settle any fines or violations before the police are able to release it.
If the vehicles are not claimed within six months from the allotted time of detainment, they are auctioned off.
There are several criteria under which vehicles are bound to be confiscated, according to the traffic law. Article 20 states, “Police officers must stop any vehicle that doesn’t adhere to safety and security requirements or specifications other than what is on the registration. The vehicle must be sent to the directorate or the nearest police station for inspection. If the vehicle does not fulfil the specifications mentioned, the registration will be confiscated, as well as its number plates, and will not be released until the violations for which the vehicle was stopped the first time have been cleared.”
It is also mentioned in Article 11 that the vehicle will be confiscated if the number plate is different than the one mentioned on the registration.
Article 43 also stated that the vehicle will be confiscated if the car contains any drawings, writing, information or advertisement without prior approval from the ROP.
However, any unsettled fines from the previous owner must be settled by the new owner of the vehicle.
In order to be eligible to enter the auction, participants must pay an OMR50 fee, which is refundable if the participant does not buy a car, but if the car is sold, it will be deducted from the car’s insurance; the winning bid must pay the full amount and cannot negotiate a lower price; and the buyer must pay a 3 per cent denotation.
The buyer must transfer the vehicle in not more than three days from the date of purchase; otherwise he would have to pay an OMR5 fee each day for seven days after the three day period lapses.