Send aid to Salalah free of cost through this airline
May 26, 2018 | 5:24 PM
by Times News Service
Salam Air

Muscat: Oman’s first low-cost carrier SalamAir has revealed that it would accept humanitarian aid and carry it free of cost to Salalah, that has been gravely affected Cyclone Mekunu.

The announcement was made by SalamAir on its official Twitter handle.

“As part of our commitment to support communities impacted by cyclone Mekunu in Dhofar, we will be accepting aid material to send supplies to families and friends in Salalah free of charge. Please call our contact centre 2427 222 or visit our ticket desk in the airport for further information,” an official statement by SalamAir read.

Cyclone Mekunu which had been categorised as a category two storm, made landfall in Dhofar governorate at around 1:00 am on Saturday. At least two people have died and a significant amount of property has been damaged, owing to the cyclone.

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