Mekunu: Nearly 200 rescued by PACDA so far
May 26, 2018 | 4:33 PM
by Times News Service
Photo: PACDA

Muscat: The General Commission for Civil Defense and Ambulance responded to 102 humanitarian relief cases during tropical cyclone Mekunu until Saturday afternoon, the authority has said.

The Public Authority of Civil Defense and Rescue teams, represented by the search and rescue sector and ambulance teams, have responded to a number of calls and responded to many calls for cases of illness, whether it was by transferring them to health centres or providing emergency medical care at the location.

Colonel Mubarak Al-Arimi, Director General of Operations and Training, said that the search and rescue teams dealt with trapped vehicles in valleys and water congregations, and people trapped in their homes. The teams also contributed to the water removal operations of some governmental and private establishments, that were flooded due to heavy and continuous rains.

The number trapped vehicles rescued were 38. The number of cases of those trapped in flooded houses was 27. There were 11 cases of medical conditions treated, and the Commission's operations center received 10 different fire reports, as well as 16 other cases.

The number of persons rescued totalled 90 citizens and 100 residents, with four being injured due to these operations.

The General Director of Operations and Training confirmed that the General Authority is fully prepared to provide assistance in various circumstances and locations and called upon everyone to take care and caution, not to risk leaving and moving unnecessarily under these circumstances, and not to wade into valleys and watersheds that may be dangerous and dangerous.

He pointed out the importance of taking information and news from official sources, and to abide by instructions and guidelines to ensure their safety.

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