Many Omanis in Turkish cities decide to continue their holiday

Business Tuesday 19/July/2016 20:54 PM
By: Times News Service
Many Omanis in Turkish cities decide to continue their holiday

Muscat: After the return of 71 Omani families and tourists home, less than 400 are still in Turkey and according to the Omani Embassy in Turkey, they are enjoying themselves.
While the turmoil after the coup in Turkey is simmering down and things are becoming more stable, some Omanis vacationing in Ankara, Ataturk and Istanbul among other cities will remain there as they have cancelled plans to return to the Sultanate, said Seham Al Haddabi, First Secretary Omani Embassy in Turkey.
“They have to understand that the aircraft has a certain slot to be in and out of the airport. They also have to get an approval to enter Turkey and leave,” she added, informing the public that procedures must be followed by which cancellations would affect.
Some had sent their email expressing their desire to return home but did not have access to internet connection because they were out touring and shopping, which led to them missing their flight, she added.
Scared children
Families and tourists comprised the 71 passengers who returned home and countless numbers of children were aboard the flight.
“Almost all the families told me that the children were scared and that was the main reason that they came back,” said Al Haddabi.
When asked whether the Omani Embassy in Turkey is monitoring the situation of the remaining Omani tourists, she said that the people are in constant contact with the embassy and will continue to coordinate and assist them any way they can.
RAFO ready for more
The Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) said they were ready to pick up more people and bring them back home if it is necessary, according to Al Haddabi.
“The RAFO said that they are ready to come back and pick up more people but it is not practical if the plane is going to be empty,” said Al Haddabi. “Those who want to leave should stay in constant contact with the embassy and monitor emails and phones as well as be in the airport on time,” she reiterated.