Cyclone Mekunu: Stay indoors to save lives, says top PACA official
May 25, 2018 | 9:05 PM
by Times News Service
Photo: PACDA/Twitter

Muscat: A top official from the Public Authority for Civil Aviation, which is currently monitoring the impact of Cyclone Mekunu, has requested people in the Dhofar and Wusta governorates to stay indoors, and not attempt any antics that could put their lives in danger.

"Heavy winds and torrential rains are currently taking place in most of the states of Dhofar Province," said Hamed Al Barashdi, Director General of Planning for PACA. "Dhalkut has seen more than 120 mm. It is the beginning of the actual impact as the hurricane wall approaches the coasts. We now require extreme caution for Mekunu to pass by Salalah.

"As the cyclone Mekunu is approaching dry land in Dhofar Governorate, The National Civil Defence Committee warns all citizens and residents to abide by the rules and stay in safe places and not to risk themselves further, so that more lives can be saved," he added.

"With the direct impact of the hurricane, we must protect our lives and souls. Staying in homes or shelters and not practicing outside activities and paying attention to warnings and instructions issued by official authorities is a duty so that Mekunu can pass by safely. God save everyone," said Al Barashdi.

The DG's warning seemed to echo that of the Royal Oman Police, who have deployed many on the ground in order to deal with the situation.

“The police reiterate the call for the need to stay away from low places, plains and valleys in anticipation of the valleys and large quantities from the rains during the coming time and urges citizens and residents to stay in their homes and not to go out to preserve the safety of all,” said the ROP.

“The police present in these exceptional circumstances are there in order to help and assist you,” added the police. “By cooperating with them, following their instructions and safety measures, you will avoid many dangers.”

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