Foreign frms invested OMR45mn in South Al Batinah
May 25, 2019 | 4:46 PM
by Times News Service
Hamad bin Salem Al Shukaily. - Supplied picture

Muscat: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry said that the number of foreign investment companies registered in the South Al Batinah governorate in 2018 reached to 67 companies with a total capital of OMR45 million.

Hamad bin Salem Al Shukaily, Director of Commerce and Industry Department in South Al Batinah governorate, said that the number of factories of bricks, concrete, tiles and marble pieces in the governorate was 34. They are largest number of factories followed by 25 workshops and kitchen industry and 9 chemical and detergents factories. There were other factories of foodstuffs, building materials and other consumables.

He said: "The Department of Commerce and Industry of the South Al Batinah governorate carried out a survey of the industrial establishments of the governorate to collect an integrated and updated database and statistics of the industrial sector. It will support the decision makers and establishments in formulating plans and policies which will serve the industrial sector of the governorate."

The number of industrial activities registered in the governorate during the year 2018 was 11 compared with nine in 2017. He pointed out that the rise in the number of industrial activities was due to classification of licenses for certain activities and their inclusion under industrial activities, in addition to investors’ interest in industrial activities instead of other activities in search of markets for their products outside the governorate.

Al Shukaily said that the making a classified database in terms of number and type of the existing factories in the governorate was one of the most important objectives of the Department of Commerce and Industry in South Batinah governorate. It is a starting point for the work plan which will determine the course of dealing with these factories in terms periodic inspection to verify the validity of industrial licenses, periodic tests of their conformity with the standard specifications practiced in the Sultanate.

He said that the certificates of release issued by the Department of Standards and Metrology last year was 883. They were for imported products of the construction sector, tires, vehicles and re-export of foodstuffs. There were 279 technical reports of foodstuff, construction materials and tires were approved. Similarly, 42 fuel stations were inspected in various wilayats of the governorate. Calibration of 32 scales of shopping complexes and 21 of weighing centres were also done.

About the number of commercial activities registered in 2018, Al Shukaili said that in South Al Batinah the number has reached 8.435. He pointed out that the department of commerce and industry was monitoring the markets, gas companies, promotional offers as well as working of the Sanad offices.

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