Pokémon Go a business opportunity in Oman

Oman Tuesday 19/July/2016 20:17 PM
By: Times News Service
Pokémon Go a business opportunity in Oman

Muscat: Despite the Pokémon Go game not being officially available in Oman yet, local businesses are trying to make a profit as the game’s frenzy has already reached the Sultanate.
The augmented reality game already has 65 million users in the United States alone, surpassing popular apps, such as WhatsApp and Snapchat.
As many businessmen worldwide are trying to cash in on Nintendo’s popular video game franchise, a local restaurant in Madinat Qaboos has taken advantage of the hype and called upon gamers to visit the restaurant to catch some Pokémon.
To boost its sales, a gaming shop is giving up to 20 per cent discount, depending on the player’s team (red, yellow or blue).
The Times of Oman spoke to @PokemonGoOman, a Twitter account that discusses the game with people in Oman, which recommended a number of locations for local gamers to go on Pokemon hunting trips.
Al Sahwa Parks in Al Seeb, the Qurum Natural Park and Shatti Al Qurum are good places to find Pokemon, Pokestops and ‘gyms’ to battle other people. “The Muttrah corniche is full of Pokestops too,” @PokemonGoOman said. Pokemon can be found according to the environment. “You can find so many water types on ‘Love Street’ in Shatti Al Qurum and grass types in public parks,” he added.
“Pikachu (which is almost-rare) is reported to be seen in Muttrah!” he added. While the Twitter account has 200+ active followers, it is impossible to peg the actual number of users in Oman.
“Many Filipinos are active from Oman,” @PokemonGoOman said.
“There is so much Pokemon Go activity in Oman as people and teams are really into it. The moment you take over a gym, only few minutes later, someone will take over again!” he stated.
“This is amazing, considering that the game isn’t officially available here,” he added.
There’s even a special tag for people you spot Pokemon hunting when they should be working, according to the experts. “No-life gamers” – as the moniker implies – are people who are hunting 24/7.