Fit more items in your suitcase
May 22, 2018 | 5:37 PM
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Rolling your clothes is the best way to fit all your stuff in your suitcase.

Expert travellers and backpackers could tell you to just pack less. But sometimes you want to have clothing options when you travel – whether it’s for unexpected weather change or fashion urgency. The following are the seven ways to fit even more things in your suitcase.

Roll your clothes

Everybody, from flight attendants to military people know this technique: Rolling your clothes is the best way to fit all your stuff in your suitcase. Also, rolled clothes wrinkle less than folded clothes.

Put things inside your shoes

Your shoes allot a lot of space inside a suitcase. So fill them of small things like ties (rolled up), jewellery (in a zip-lock bag), or socks and undergarments (in a plastic bag). Pack your shoes on their sides to take full advantage of space.

Zip and then add extras

Do you have a few excess things that just don’t seem like they will fit? Try closing and zipping your suitcase completely even if you have to sit on it to close it. Then reopen your suitcase and try putting the things in any available spots like in the corners, spaces between larger items, etc. Usually, once you have compressed the bag by zipping it shut, you will have more room once you open it again.

Save room with travel space bags

You have probably seen that the best space-saving bags can reduce large clothing such as jackets and sweaters into a small, compact unit. Get these bags and you will save more space. You can keep your clothes organised and free from any wrinkle. Normal zip-lock bags in different sizes can also be used.

Use the bundle packing method

Pack more in your suitcase and avoid folds, creases and wrinkles by using the "Bundle Wrapping" technique. This packing trick includes filling a small pouch with soft things like your undergarments, socks, etc., and then wrapping bulkier clothing things around the pouch to create a bundle.

Use packing folders

A substitute to space-saving bags and packing cubes is the packing folders which mean folders for your clothing. They often come with boards, which help you fold your clothing well and close multiple things to save space. The 18-inch folder holds eight to 12 items, including bulkier things. Your bag will be trimmer and seem unfilled.

Purchase a packing organiser

This might be cheating a little, but the excellent way to put more into your bag is to have a baggage that grows with your packing requirements. Travel packing organisers neatly organise and pack those smaller things and accessories when you travel. You can organise your small things with this organiser set. It has a set of three organising bags with see-through clear cover multipurpose bags especially good for organising small things such as cosmetics, electronics and toiletry products.

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