Simple ways to clean a car
May 20, 2018 | 6:04 PM
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Use a sponge that will further influence the cleaning and remove the dirt.

People like to escape the trouble of washing the car themselves and find it a better option to take it to the service station and get it washed by some professional. But at the same time, some people fancy washing their automobile themselves. It gives them a satisfaction that they have cleaned their automobile to the best of their ability. It helps save a lot of money. You know what you have done and you try to ensure that you leave no place that is kept unclean. Here are some of the important techniques.

1. First ensure that you clean the car from inside first. Take out your vacuum cleaner and get ready with various tools that you got with it. Now every tool serves different purpose and because every brand provides different tools for cleaning, you must read the manual and try to discover it from there the functioning of the tools that you are using.

2. You can take out the foot mats of the car and wash them individually with water. These are the mats where we keep our feet and usually we are wearing shoes so these are the mats that contain most of the mud and dirt. You can’t expect best cleaning of the mats if you are not cleaning it with the water and soap.

3. Let’s come out of the car and wash it off. When you are washing the outer of the car, it is suggested to close the windows and shut the doors. This will keep the water from going inside of the car and ruining some important part. Use a soap to clean the car and remove the dirt. Also use a sponge that will further influence the cleaning. Later you need a lot of water to completely rinse the soap and the dirt from the car. Also you will have to dry the car as soon as the water is rinsed off.

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