Know the difference between migraine and headache
May 19, 2018 | 5:00 PM
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Once you have found your triggers find an alternative solution to handling your migraine.

A migraine is a symptom of the beginning of side vision loss. With a migraine you will experience a drain of energy and sensitivity to light and sound. It will begin slowly, but be forceful and can last from very few minutes to days.

Although headaches and migraines seem to have similar traits there is a great deal of difference between the two. Determining which is a headache and what is a migraine is very important for medical purposes. Knowing the difference can help prevent future vision loss and illness.

A headache will come very fast, and can be a dull throbbing pain in your head that can last a few hours. Often taking a pain reliever that you can obtain over the counter can rid you of your headache within half an hour.

There is no need to see a doctor for the common headache unless it is a continuous headache. If you get persistent headaches it could be a sign of a different problem that is only treatable by modern medicine.

Migraines can cause you to feel sick to your stomach, and even cause vomiting. The pain can and will start at the bridge of your nose, your temples, your forehead, and the back of your head and neck.

Getting rid of both a headache and a migraine can be tricky at times. Sometimes eating something and taking rest is very helpful and can rid you of your pain.

Identifying Your Migraine

Identifying the triggers for a migraine headache can be complicated at times. A migraine won't happen every time a trigger is touched. Although identifying a trigger can help you prevent a migraine in the future or even overcome the migraines all together.

Examine your lifestyle to see if there are any areas where a habit could cause a headache which turns into a migraine. Think of your eating habits first. Eating foods with a lot of sugar can cause a caffeine headache and if your body is accustomed to sugars and you are trying to cut back on them then it could be a lack of caffeine. Having a little sugar can prevent migraines, but always remember there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Working in noisy areas can be harmful to your hearing and cause migraines to some. Although the migraine may not occur when you are around the noisy area it can be what it is causing it later on in the day. The noise can be stressful to your body causing the migraine. Wearing earplugs can help prevent hearing loss and migraines.

Once you have found your triggers try to avoid the cause of your migraine or find an alternative solution to handling your migraine.

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