'Nama Week' campaign aims at sustainable development in Dhofar

Oman Monday 07/August/2023 14:47 PM
By: Times News Service
'Nama Week' campaign aims at sustainable development in Dhofar
Muscat: Dedicated to driving economic, environmental and social sustainability, Nama Dhofar Services launched its campaign 'Nama Week' on Sunday in Dhofar, in cooperation with the Environment Authority and Dhofar Municipality.
Held under the auspices of Dr. Abdullah Ali Al Amri, Chairman of the Environment Authority, in the presence of the CEO of Nama Dhofar Services, Engineer Ali Issa Shamas, this campaign aims to enhance the community engagement and the sustainability landscape in the Sultanate of Oman.
Commenting on this event, Eng. Ali Issa Shamas, said: “Nama Group remains committed to achieving the objectives of the three fundamental pillars of sustainability: Environmental, social and economic sustainability.
The company had organised a similar event earlier in the Governorate of Musandam which was well-received by the community. As part of the sustainability plan of Nama Group, the launch of the ‘Nama Week’ campaign in Dhofar seeks to provide services and initiatives for the community welfare, as well as promoting programmes that support economic, social and environmental sustainability.
Aligning itself to the nation's sustainability agenda, Nama Group places a strong emphasis on sustainability and integrates the philosophy of sustainable development in all its core operations and activities.
In collaboration with the Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority, Nama Week campaign commenced with the "Baiti Aamin" exhibition in Salalah's Gardens Mall, aiming to enhance home safety among the community, rationalise electricity and water consumption, and promote the efficient use of energy.
’Nama Week’ campaign in Dhofar covers a wide array of environmental initiatives, including planting local trees in different locations in the governorate and distributing 500 local seedlings to the company's employees, contributing to preserve the beauty of nature and maintain the environmental balance.
In addition, Al Dahareez beach cleanup activity will be carried out in cooperation with Dhofar Municipality to raise public awareness to support marine life and sustain Oman’s ecological system.
During the campaign period, a number of social initiatives will be conducted like visiting some houses and replacing the old electricity meters to new smart meters, running awareness sessions on home safety, rationalization of electricity and water consumption, and efficient use of energy. In addition to that, the one-week campaign will include a variety of entertainment activities and competitions for different segments of society.