Omani youth risks his own life to save a little angel

Oman Wednesday 02/August/2023 21:00 PM
By: Times News Service
Omani youth risks his own life to save a little angel

Muscat: A young Omani youth Abdullah Al-Amri risked his own life to save a four-year-old girl crossing the road in Salalah.

The girl was at the risk of being run over by a speeding car on a road in Salalah when Al-Amri came like an angel and saved the girl from certain death .

The heroic act of Abdullah is being widely admired in the country.

Abdullah’s quick decision, risking his own life even though he did not know the antecedents of the child, reflects purely humane values and principles of the Islamic religion that every Muslim cherishes.

Speaking to the Times of Oman, Abdullah bin Musallam Al-Amri, said: “I went out with my friends to have dinner in a restaurant in the western part of Salalah and enjoy the drizzle during the Khareef season. While I was having my food, I saw a little girl running across the street but I leaped like an angel to save her.”

Writhing in pain on the hospital bed, suffering from bruises and a fracture in his right leg, he added: “I saw her first steps on the street, then the second, and the third. Within seconds I saw a speeding car trying to take her away forever. I stretched my hand giving her a lifeline and held her to my chest with a mixed feeling of fear and joy. I felt something had hit me and we were both flying in the air. But when I fell on the ground, I absorbed the entire impact, keeping the girl safe. I only became aware of the surroundings on the hospital bed.”

 “When I opened my eyes, I looked around, and enquired about the child’s health. They reassured me that she was fine and only suffered a fracture in her right leg. I thanked God for his kindness.

“The girl left the hospital on July 30, and is in a good condition," he added.

Abdullah Al-Amri, aged 21 years, from the Wilayat of Salalah in Dhofar Governorate, studies logistics at Dhofar University.

Everyone in the Sultanate of Oman is praising him for his heroic act, wishing him speedy recovery. He is still recuperating in Sultan Qaboos Hospital in Salalah.

Wishing him speedy recovery, the Board of Trustees of Dhofar University has appreciated the humanitarian act by its student and decided to bear the cost of his study as a reward for his heroic work.

The accident resulted in severe injuries to Al-Amri, including a fracture in his left foot and bruises on his face, hands, and several other areas. Abdullah said: “The speed of the car that hit us was around 70 km per hour, and the driver did not stop after hitting us.

“Three days after the accident, the driver came to the police station and confessed to the accident, but I forgave him.”

Al-Amri called on all drivers to pay attention to the roads when driving, and not to be reckless while driving.