Photos: Jame’ Mohammed Al Ameen in Bousher
May 16, 2018 | 12:19 PM
by Salim Al Afifi
Jame’ Mohammed Al Ameen in Bousher

If you happen to see a mosque resting atop hills, and sporting a glowing dome, then you have spotted the iconic Jame’ Mohammed Al Ameen in Bousher. It’s a concrete beauty that can be seen from almost all angles of Wilayat Bousher. You can see it from the Aqabat Bousher mountain on your way to Al Amerat, on your way to Al Khuwair Souq, at the Platinum Hotel, on the Sultan Qaboos highway, and many more. It’s an architectural masterpiece that I go to whenever I seek inspiration. It’s off-white paint, wooden doors, golden touches, and marbled walls and floors makes it a favourite of mine.

I decided to take photographs that will inspire me as a photographer, so I focused on the details that the place offers, from ceiling chandeliers that scream contemporary art, to exotic marbles, intricate works-of-art on its walls, symmetric elements, and an ambiance that gives a minimalistic, North Pole-esque vibe blended with Arabian luxe. It couldn’t get any better. What a day that was. — [email protected]

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