Dar Al Atta’a to provide Iftar for 300 people daily
May 13, 2018 | 3:53 PM
by Times News Service

Muscat: Dar Al Atta’a will provide Iftar meals for 300 fasting people every day this Ramadan at the three mosques of Al Suwaiq, Al Musanaah and Samail and spend OMR9,000 for the purpose.

This is part of the association’s adoption of abandoned families under the Programme of Islamic Values.

Dar Al Atta’a spent OMR36,982 and distributed Ramadan supplies for this year to 578 families and the number may increase.

The association spent OMR15,050 and distributed Al Zakat to 410 needy families.

Dar Al Atta’a’s Islamic Values Programme includes the provision of Ramadan supplies, iftar in mosques, distribution of sacrifice, charity, Zakat, clothes, payment of debts and expiations.

It is one of six programmes adopted by the association. The others are the Family Care Programme, the School Sponsorship Programme, the Empowerment Programme, the Let us read Programme, and the Disaster Relief Programme.

The association is also preparing for the 19th concourse for small and medium enterprises, to be held for three days from May 24, which will help pay for clothes to be distributed for Eid.

To donate for Ramadan: Account No. 0315003966850024 Bank Muscat.

To donate electronically:

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