Youth Vision helps Omanis develop skills, find jobs
May 13, 2018 | 6:43 PM
by Salim Al Afifi
Youth Vision embarked on a journey to offer a helping hand in developing skills among Omanis and finding them perfect jobs.

One of the most talked about topics in town is the increase in the number of Omani job seekers, and as authorities and sectors work to solve the issue, Youth Vision embarked on a journey to offer a helping hand in developing industry-required skills among Omanis and finding them perfect and suitable jobs.

The 'Teqdar' initiative (which translates to 'You Can') is a training programme that works to develop the skill sets of young Omanis who are hunting for job opportunities in a variety of industries.

"The programme takes trainees on various challenges to hone skills that are lacking and might be the reason for not being able to find work," said the organisation's manager Rahma Adam.

The initiative also aims to raise awareness, address false beliefs, and change negative perception that some youngsters have regarding jobs, workplace, and career progression.

The programme comprises four stages. First, holding workshops to choose participants and gauging their skills and competencies. Then choosing the best qualified 10 participants from the 150 participants to be trained in small and medium enterprises for three months, where they are given guidelines to help them have a productive internship experience. After that, participants are evaluated before moving on to the final stage, which is finding a suitable job after the successful completion of the programme.

Three out of the 10 finalists were employed after three months of training, and there is potential for the remaining seven to also be employed in the final event.

What makes this programme special is that it tailors the workshops and placements according to industry demands, especially in the private sector.

"We are collaborating with the participants' institutions, as well as SME's for job placement, and we apply international standards when it comes to analysis and evaluation procedures," said Rahma.

The initiative received a great response from participants, with around 150 job-seekers taking part in the first workshop. The programme prepares 10 Omanis to take on challenges and pushes them to reach their highest potential; to step into their careers with success in mind. At the end of the programme, a ceremony will be held for participants to share their success stories and their contribution to their new respective organisations. The event will also feature key people in the industry and experienced folks in the human resources sector.

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