People listen to advice, drowning incidents decline in Oman

Business Sunday 17/July/2016 22:04 PM
By: Times News Service
People listen to advice, drowning incidents decline in Oman

Muscat: There has been a drastic decline in the number of drowning incidents over the past three years, proving that people have heeded the authorities’ calls to remain vigilant when near water sources.
During summer, it is not uncommon to find people flocking to the beaches and wadis to cool off, but sometimes they find themselves in trouble. A few have drowned or landed up in a critical condition as water entered their lungs.
“Drowning accidents are considered the most terrible and happened repeatedly, particularly in summer,” said the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA).
People go to shores, pools and valleys to ease the summer heat and enjoy themselves but some, whether young or adult, have no any idea how to swim,” they added.
According to PACDA statistics, 113 recorded cases of drowning occurred in 2015, down from 150 in 2014 and 292 in 2013. PACDA said not knowing swimming or swimming in areas not designated for it were the causes of drowning.
“People helping a person drowning could sometimes even lead to more risk. Not supervising the children when they swim, not following advisories and guidelines and crossing the wadis without considering the strength of the current are among the causes of drowning,” PACDA said.
Seas, valleys (wadis), water canals, dams, pools, wells, open water reservoirs, ponds, wadis during rainy season are among some of the places where rescue operations had to be carried out.
According to PACDA’s annual statistics, 55 rescue operations were carried out in wadis, 26 in seas, two at pools, two in swamps and 11 at wells, two at dams and seven where waste water had accumulated.
PACDA also rescued seven animals from different water sources while only one rescue operation was conducted as part of support lent to investigation.
“People must swim in designated areas only and have a fixed ladder on the side of the pool to rest on while swimming. Also, they should use life jackets and floaters for children,” advised PACDA.
It also added that swimming pools should not be filled completely when these are used by children as well and there should be an adult monitoring them at all times. Also, adults leaving the last should check that no children are left behind. Recently, of the two 14 year old boys who had gone swimming, one drowned, while his friend survived after he was rescued by the coast guards from the Royal Oman Police. Parents have been urged to monitor their children when they swim in the sea.