Oman praises Mwasalat’s new routes
May 2, 2018 | 6:01 PM
by Times News Service
In addition to regular, round the clock services that run within cities, Mwasalat also offers inter-city buses for those who regularly travel across the Sultanate.

#ReadersResponse: Residents and citizens have been quick to praise Oman’s national transport provider, Mwasalat, for opening new routes to increase the connectivity of public transport across the nation.

Aline Delatte was present at a recent conference where Mwasalat was showcasing its efforts to encourage more people to take up public transport, swapping private cars for public buses. “There is a ridership improvement of 35 per cent among Omanis,” she said. The company has actively promoted public transport since 2015.

Abdulmajid Ghazzali, an Omani citizen, was also happy with the quality of Mwasalat services. “I had a really amazing experience with Mwasalat,” he said. “I was in a coach with high quality and comfortable seats. The punctuality wasn’t good on both trips, but overall, Mwasalat is really advisable. Thank you for the memorable experience.”

Mwasalat runs buses and taxis for residents and citizens to enjoy cheap, punctual, and affordable transportation.

Muzna Al Kharusi, another Omani, said the taxi and bus services provided by Mwasalat would help people cut costs and save time, since all taxis in the Mwasalat fleet were fitted with GPS systems. “The drivers in Oman will now have lower cost of oil, while customers will save time and effort because the taxi will come to him/her directly. Moreover, it will reduce traffic by helping the taxi driver avoid streets that will delay him.”

Yusuf Al Habsi was also of a similar opinion. “We should get back to public transportation. I really do believe this is a nice idea. Oil is expensive now and people can use this affordable means of transport instead.”

The response was reflected by citizens across the nation, who felt the arrival and expansion of Mwasalat stemmed from a genuine concern to improve the quality of transportation aimed at developing Oman. Hamed Mohammed said, “I had a very good experience using Mwasalat, and I would like to thank them for the transportation. I care for my country, Oman, and this shows that they also care.”

Maimun Al Sulimani added, “Mwasalat is a company that proves that it is a genuine enterprise. It is very nice to see this, and the quality is excellent.”

Mwasalat is run by the Oman National Transport Company. In addition to regular, round-the-clock services within cities, Mwasalat also offers inter-city buses for those who regularly travel across the Sultanate.

The company also runs a fleet of cabs, which can be either flagged by pedestrians on the street or, more conveniently, ordered using the free-to-install Mwasalat app for iPhones and Android.

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