Afghanistan acting foreign affairs minister brands economic crisis as "propaganda"

World Sunday 09/July/2023 07:23 AM
Afghanistan acting foreign affairs minister brands economic crisis as "propaganda"

Kabul: Acting foreign affairs minister of Afghanistan, Amir Khan Muttaqi, claimed that there are many different propaganda efforts in Afghanistan, some of which allege that the country's economy is weaker than before, TOLOnews reported.

At the welcoming ceremony for several Islamic Emirate officials who arrived back on Friday night after performing Hajj, Muttaqi noted that money is being used for projects rather than for war supplies and weapons as it once was. He added that there had previously been a "war economy" and that giving drugs to four million addicts was also regarded as an economy. He said that this economy was "against the country and its future," but that there has since been a "revolution" in the nation, as per TOLOnews.

TOLOnews is an Afghan news channel broadcasting from Kabul, Afghanistan.

The acting foreign minister continued by stating that the value of the Afghan currency in the country remained stable despite the sanctions and pressures the international community had placed on the current Afghan government. He also stated that the country's economy would grow by placing a strong emphasis on the implementation of infrastructure projects.
He added, "Your money has been given stability, borders are open, anyone can do business, there is no famine, despite all these sanctions and pressures, there is achievement."

Some analysts say the cutting of aid from the international community is one of the causes of the country's economic crisis, as per TOLOnews.

Aziz Marij, a political analyst said, "The economy was better during the republic government, which means that there was no more economic crisis. A lot of money was coming into Afghanistan from foreign countries, and secondly, drug trafficking was mostly in the hands of domestic and foreign mafias."

An economist, Azerakhsh Hafizi, said, "Afghanistan needs a suitable, legitimate political platform and economic growth as the first step to attract foreign investment and trade to international banks and global credit institutions such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank and other global financial institutions."

The UN and foreign humanitarian organisations have previously expressed worry about Afghanistan's economy and human rights situation, TOLOnews reported.