5 reasons to visit Italy from Oman

Lifestyle Saturday 08/July/2023 13:56 PM
By: Times News Service
5 reasons to visit Italy from Oman
There are a range of Airlines and pathways from Muscat to Rome available (Adobe Stock)

Located approximately 2921 miles from Muscat, with flights from Oman, this European city is the fifth most visited European country with almost 65 million tourists visiting a year!

And no wonder! Italy is a place where the heart finds its fire again. Where the appetite opens and the soul awakens with sights, sounds and tastes in a culture that parallels Oman with its charming and warm charisma.

Here are 5 reasons to book your flight from Muscat to Italy today:

1. A selection of flights to choose from

There are a range of Airlines and pathways from Muscat to Rome available from 63 omr to over 400 omr, depending on the duration, connection and class you want to fly in. Italy is highly accessible and affordable to fly to from Muscat, taking just over 9 hours with layovers in Qatar, Abu Dhabi or Bahrain airlines like Qatar, Gulf Air and Etihad alongside much cheaper airlines for the budget backpackers out there. There are options to suit whatever flight or budget you are looking for, just ensure you book your flights early to get the best prices possible! Schengen Visas can be obtained from the VFS Global office located in Panorama Mall. Word to the wise: schedule your appointment at VFS ahead of time as it can take over a month during peak season (summertime), once you’ve submit all your papers, your Schengen Visa (and doorway to all the numerous breathtaking countries of Europe) should be in your hands within 7-10 days, and your journey awaits!

2. The history

‘We share a path so let us walk this road together’

From the Roman trade and maritime routes that once connected various regions including the Arabian Peninsula facilitating cultural exchange, commerce, and the spread of ideas, to its architectural influence that has impacted much of the world. Immerse yourself in Rome’s fascinating history spanning over two and a half thousand years as one of the most influential civilizations of ancient times. Its significance has left a mark on the way we live today, with echoes of its influence in our legal systems, in the concept of citizenship, and in its Latin language that formed the base of various other languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese and more. Even our calendars and 7 day weeks that we use today were first established by Rome.

3. The Shopping

Embark on the delightful experience of shopping in Rome; visit the bustling streets of via del Corso with international brands and fashion boutiques to decorate your wardrobe with some fresh trends from Zara, Mango or more. Or, if you’re looking for something more high end exclusive, make your way to Via Condotti for your Gucci, Prada and Valentin, and head to Trastevere for unique handmade jewelry, ceramics and leather goods for something more bohemian.

Decorate yourself in its mesmerizing fashion. Dress up if you want to. Dress down if you want to. Your unique expression is welcome here and Rome’s shopping experience will not disappoint!

4. The Food

Italy will feed you like a king and queen, renowned for its delicious cuisine of bold flavours and fresh ingredients, it is home to the iconic dishes we all know and love like pizza, pasta, lasagna - and lets not forget espresso! Italy is where you get to taste the foods you love most from the place they were born in!

With over 14,000 restaurants in Rome alone, you will find exceptional places to eat everywhere you are. From a slice of margherita overlooking the Colosseum, to the infamous Gelato from Grom besides the Trevi Fountain, or a fresh pasta following a walk up the Spanish Steps; the food here is reason alone to return again.

5. The People

The Italian people, with their magnetic charm and contagious smiles, parallel our Oman culture. You will feel right at home here because, like us, they are known for their warmth, hospitality, and strong sense of community and family.

Walking down the streets in Italy you will be greeted warmly and meet wonderful personalities that welcome you with their smiles, their food, and their hearts. Prepare to be smitten as you meet new friends along your trip in Italy.

To sum it up, Rome is a great destination to visit from Muscat, that promises to captivate you with its art, architecture, history and flavours, in a holiday duration of as little as 6 days (tried and tested!). So if you’re looking for a break, an inspiration, a breath of fresh air, or that perfect plate of rissotto, look no further: Rome awaits!