Abdullah Al Zubair wins Qatar desert rally
April 24, 2018 | 9:07 PM
by ONA

Doha: In a new achievement for Omani motor sports, Abdullah al Zubair was crowned the winner of Baha Desert Rally (Baja Qatar) after coming first in the last day of the rally that lasted for four days in Qatar.

Al Zubair clocked a time of 45 minutes, ahead of second-placed Saudi Ahmed Al Shaqawi and Qatar’s Adel Abdullah.

Al Zubair participated in two races, the first was Qatar Desert Rally (Cross Country) and the second was in the Qatar International Baja Desert Rally.

Al Zubair was able, assisted by his navigator Faisal Al Raisi to maintain a certain speed throughout the rally on the last day and for a distance of about 145 km, where navigation played a major role in the arrival of al- Zubair to the finish line in the first place

Al Zubair said “This is an achievement for me and for my colleague Faisal and for motor sport in the Sultanate. I am the first Omani to win the Baja Desert Rally. This makes me feel proud to be able to register the name of the Sultanate in a tournament.”

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