Business International Group organises session on special assays in immunology

Roundup Saturday 01/July/2023 11:15 AM
By: Times News Service
Business International Group organises session on special assays in immunology

Muscat: Business International Group LLC (BIG), the leading provider of comprehensive diagnostic solutions, recently hosted a highly successful scientific session focused on special assays in immunology. The event showcased cutting-edge technology and innovation in the field, further emphasizing BIG's commitment to advancing clinical diagnostics, molecular testing, and genetic analysis.

The scientific session commenced with an introduction by Askar Ali, Senior Divisional Manager at BIG. In his opening speech, Askar Ali highlighted the company’s dedication to delivering superior diagnostic solutions. He emphasised BIG’s extensive proficiency and experience in partnering with healthcare providers to establish state-of-the-art laboratories. His address set the stage for an enlightening session focused on the advancements and opportunities in the field of immunology.

Askar Ali went on to highlight the strategic partnership between BIG and SNIBE, stressing on its significance in strengthening BIG's immunology and biochemistry offerings. He mentioned that the collaboration with SNIBE will enhance the company’s capabilities in CLIA technology and expand the product range available for infectious disease testing, autoimmune disorders, fertility assessments, and other special immunology assays.

BIG is a total solutions provider for laboratory setup, offering services such as lab design, consultation, and supply of laboratory furniture as well as various end to end equipment solutions. Furthermore, BIG's expertise extends to software solutions for efficient laboratory management, ensuring seamless integration and data analysis. The company also provides comprehensive training programs and excellent after-sales support to assist healthcare providers in maximising the potential of their laboratory operations, Askar Ali explained.

As the session moderator, Ghadah Al Mahrooqi, Biomedical Engineer at BIG commenced the event by welcoming the audience and setting the tone for an engaging and informative gathering.

One of the key highlights of the event was the presentation by Shabeer Al Lawati, Business Development Consultant at SNIBE, who provided a comprehensive overview of the SNIBE product lines. He demonstrated how these cutting-edge solutions facilitate total lab automation, enabling laboratories to streamline their workflow and enhance efficiency. His presentation showcased the technological prowess of SNIBE's offerings and how they align with BIG's commitment to delivering innovative solutions to healthcare providers.

Maryam Sadi, SNIBE product manager delivered two sessions focused on SNIBE's superior Chemiluminescent Immunoassay (CLIA) technology, specifically highlighting their autoimmune and infectious disease solutions, as well as their Thyroid and RAAS panels. Her in-depth knowledge and expertise in these areas provided attendees with valuable insights into the advancements and applications of SNIBE's CLIA technology.

The sessions by Sadi garnered significant interest and engagement from the audience, who actively participated in discussions, seeking clarification, and further exploring the capabilities and benefits of SNIBE's diagnostic solutions. The presentations also showcased SNIBE's commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality solutions for autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases, and endocrine-related conditions.

The scientific session was an effective platform for networking and collaboration and the knowledge-sharing further enhanced the overall experience of the event which was well received and appreciated by participants.

The presence of esteemed professionals from renowned public and private hospitals, clinics, and laboratories across the country exemplified BIG's commitment to providing educational platforms that bring together diverse stakeholders within the healthcare industry. It showcased the collective effort and shared dedication towards advancing immunology diagnostics in the region.

The session concluded with closing remarks by Vaisakh Hariharan, General Manager at BIG. Vaisakh expressed sincere appreciation to all the attendees, including valued customers as well as to the teams at SNIBE and BIG for their valuable contribution in delivering exceptional diagnostic solutions.

BIG continues to drive advancements in the healthcare diagnostics industry, leveraging its expertise and strategic partnerships to address the evolving needs of healthcare organisations. The company remains committed to delivering innovative technology and comprehensive support to healthcare providers worldwide. For more information about Business International Group LLC and its diagnostic solutions, please visit www.bigllcoman.com.