be'ah takes proactive measures to address Eid waste during Eid Al Adha preparations

Roundup Monday 26/June/2023 16:26 PM
By: Times News Service
be'ah takes proactive measures to address Eid waste during Eid Al Adha preparations

Muscat: Oman Environmental Services Holding Company, has announced that the company has placed specific strategies to deal with the increasing amounts of waste produced during the upcoming Eid holidays. The waste management plans will focus on serving all governorates in the Sultanate. In accordance with environmental, health and safety standards, “be’ah” will safely dispose slaughter waste by transferring it to engineering landfills.

To manage the expected significant amount of slaughter waste, “be’ah” will be providing large sized bins for slaughter waste in specific areas that have a large population density. To raise awareness, the company will share the locations of these bins on its social media platforms. In addition, the company will strengthen its efforts to transfer waste to engineering landfills daily during the Eid holiday.

It is worth noting that during the Eid period in particular, the quantities of municipal waste increase. Exceeding the quantities produced during normal days. In addition, Eid waste also consists of slaughtered animals which must be disposed of quickly and properly to avoid harmful impact to the environment. Unfortunately, the habit of random dumping of waste on roads and open areas is still prevalent and poses a great risk to the environment.

be’ah calls on all citizens and residents to take proper measures when disposing slaughter waste. It is important to place slaughter waste in garbage bags, tightly closing them, and placing them in bins designated for slaughtered animals. Furthermore, it is recommended that barbecue and grill waste are placed in airtight bags after making sure that the coals are completely extinguished. Afterwards, the waste should be placed in bins nearby.

The company confirmed that it provides its services through be’ah’s call center on the number (1881) in the event that there are any comments or services that fall under the be’ah’s responsibilities.