Ons Jabuer will look to win Wimbledon this year

Sports Monday 26/June/2023 11:50 AM
Ons Jabuer will look to win Wimbledon this year

London: Tunisian tennis Ons Jabuer will be looking to make amends in the Wimbledon championship 2023 as she lost the final last year to Elena Rybakina.

The world No 6 became one of the stories of the All England Club last year with her ingenious drop-shots and crowd-pleasing invention as she became the first African woman and first Arab woman to reach a Grand Slam singles final in the Open Era, eventually falling to Elena Rybakina. In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Ons Jabeur said, "It's been crazy, my life definitely changed a bit after Wimbledon and I'm very happy because the most important thing is I stayed the same."

She further added, "I like to interact with people, I like being the same person and that's what maybe helps me be me."

Ons Jabuer said, "I hope I can continue making great memories and achieve what I want to achieve and become the first one African and Arab woman to win a Grand Slam. Tennis is such an amazing sport, I honestly try to enjoy my time on the court as much as I can because I think that's how it's supposed to be, at least for me."

The Tunisian national, Ons Jabuer expressed her feelings towards the support she recevied from her nation. She said, "It was crazy, people were everywhere at the airport. I went to the Theatre of Carthage where there were 10,000 people cheering for me there."

She further added, "It's really unbelievable and I'm very grateful for the support of Tunisia and all the African continent. It makes me do better and pushes me to win a Grand Slam because I know it would mean the world to them."