Yoga gaining popularity in Oman shows new video by Indian embassy

Oman Tuesday 20/June/2023 19:05 PM
Yoga gaining popularity in Oman shows new video by Indian embassy

Muscat : In a novel initiative, the Embassy of India in the Sultanate of Oman has launched an iconic short video called 'Soulful Yoga, Serene Oman' on the eve of the International Day of Yoga 2023.

In the video, Yoga enthusiasts from different countries can be seen doing beautiful Yoga postures in the backdrop of stunning locations including mountains, beaches and sand dunes in and around the city of Muscat.

Watch the video here

This makes it perhaps the first time anywhere in the world that a foreign Government is making use of Yoga to promote its own country. The video showcases the growing popularity and acceptance of Yoga as a health discipline all over the world.

The Embassy of India in Muscat, in collaboration with Visit Oman, the national travel operator and a subsidiary of Omran Group have jointly released a short video titled "Soulful Yoga-Serene Oman." This groundbreaking initiative marks the first time that India and Oman are utilizing yoga as a medium to promote tourism and spread the message of yoga's harmony to both Omani citizens and international tourists, the Embassy of India in Muscat said in a press release.

To ensure the success of this project, around 35 passionate yoga volunteers from different countries eagerly participated in a yoga curtain raiser video shoot. "Their dedication and commitment perfectly symbolize the harmony between yoga and Oman's picturesque landscapes," the press release said.

In Oman, which is India's close maritime neighbour and a close strategic partner in the Gulf region, Yoga has become very popular in recent years. The seven lakh-strong Indian community in Oman plays an important role in this endeavour.

The video has been made in collaboration with the Government of Oman. The Embassy of India partnered with 'Visit Oman', a subsidiary of Oman's Ministry of Tourism to produce this video.

"Amit Narang, Ambassador of India to the Sultanate of Oman and Mr Shabi A'Maamri, the Managing Director of Visit Oman, jointly launched the video in an exclusive event held at the Embassy of India. Ambassador Amit Narang expressed his gratitude to Visit Oman for their support in bringing this unique initiative to life, stating that it would undoubtedly foster a deeper understanding of both countries' cultural and natural treasures," the press release said.

The Embassy of India has also played a crucial role in promoting Yoga in Oman.

With 75 years of India's independence under 'Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav', the Embassy organized a never-before 'Muscat Yog Mahotsav' in 2022 with over 75 Yoga events spread across 75 days in the run-up to International Day of Yoga 2022. This event saw the participation of thousands of people across all the major cities of Oman in the celebration of the power of Yoga.

This year, the Embassy has organized a 5-month long journey of Yoga titled 'Oman Yoga Yatra' which is building up to a large-scale celebration of International Day of Yoga 2023 in which more than 2000 people from all walks of life are expected to participate on June 21, 2023.

Embassy's efforts have reached out to special segments of Omani society. Earlier, in February 2023, a special Yoga session was organized for the Men and Women's National Hockey teams of Oman, showcasing the potential and importance of Yoga for the sports community.

Similarly, a specially curated Yoga session was organized for Children with special needs in March, bringing the healing power of Yoga to the well-being of these children.

The collaborative endeavour between the Embassy and the Government of Oman seeks to create a profound visual representation of the union between the tranquillity of yoga and Oman's picturesque landscapes.