Afghanistan: Young people illegally migrate amid rising unemployment

World Sunday 11/June/2023 12:30 PM
Afghanistan: Young people illegally migrate amid rising unemployment

Kabul: Kabul youth has said young people must take the path of illegal immigration as unemployment is on the rise in Afghanistan, TOLO News reported.

Young people said it has become more difficult to cover the costs of living in the current situation and therefore they have to go to neighbouring countries or farther away. Abubaker is a resident of Laghman and head of a 9-member family and decided to go to Iran illegally. "I want to go to Iran for work, I am in the 12 grade but now I will leave school," said Abubaker.

Kabul's youth is fed up with poverty and called on the Taliban to provide opportunities in the work and education field.

"There is no work, and we have to go there to another country and travel," said Emal, a Nangarhar resident, as quoted by TOLO News.

"We ask the government to provide work for youth and to provide an educated generation so that young people are not forced to go abroad," said Abdul Ali, a Kabul resident.

The Taliban's Ministry of Economy said that they have large economic projects to reduce poverty in the country, which will provide job opportunities for hundreds of young people.

"To reduce poverty, strengthen small and medium industries, activate half-finished projects and developmental projects, as well as launch macroeconomic projects, these are on our agenda," said Abdul Latif Nazari, deputy of the Taliban Economic Ministry.

According to reports, every day hundreds of people go on smuggling routes into neighbouring countries.