49,754 students enrol with Unified Admission Centre

Oman Sunday 04/June/2023 18:15 PM
49,754 students enrol with Unified Admission Centre

Muscat: The number male and female students registered at the Unified Admission Centre at the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation reached 49,754, of whom 25,238 were males and 24,516 were females. The registration period continued during the period: the first of April until the first of June.

The statistics showed that the number of students with a general average of 70% or higher amounted to 33,275 out of the total number of applicants registered in the system, which indicates the competition in the academic programmes offered for this year, especially majors that witness great demand.

While the number of students who obtained a general average of (90%) and higher reached 9,772 male and female students, according to the results of students of the general education diploma and its equivalent in the first semester of the academic year 2022/2023.

The registration stage is followed by experimental screening, in which the centre will display the initial admission results based on the students’ scores in the first semester and their arrangement of study programmes in the unified admission system during the registration stage.

The experimental screening aims at introducing students to the result of their initial acceptance and allowing them to think about this offer before the deadline for arranging options from the study programmes ends in the first week of July.

The centre is preparing for the next stages of admission, which are no less important than the registration stage, and scheduling them is closely linked to the date for the final results of the General Education Diploma students for the academic year 2022/2023, after which the stage of modifying options will begin immediately, which is the final stage of registration, and the order of students is considered for their list of choices. -ONA

Students who have not registered in the unified admission system at the registration stage can register in the stage of modifying desires and add new programmes, whether from the student guide or from the new study programmes if announced on the centre’s website and its social networks at the start of the stage.