Taliban intensify repression of Afghan women, girls: Human Rights Watch

World Friday 02/June/2023 09:46 AM
Taliban intensify repression of Afghan women, girls: Human Rights Watch

Kabul : Human Rights Watch has said that on the one hand, the Taliban continues to beg for recognition and foreign help, while on the other, they escalate repression of Afghan women and girls, Khaama Press reported.

Taking to Twitter, the associate women's rights director at Human Rights Watch wrote, "that the Taliban are reluctant for meaningful talks." Barr stated on Twitter on Wednesday that she does not believe the meeting indicates the Taliban's willingness to engage with the international world. She believes this topic has only been highlighted primarily during a meeting between a senior Qatari official and Hebatullah Akhundzada, whatsoever, Khaama Press reported.

Previously, the Taliban spokesperson stated that Mullah Hassan Akhund, the group's acting deputy prime minister, had asked Qatari authorities to play a significant role in developing confidence between Afghanistan and the international community at a meeting with his Qatari counterpart, as per the Afghan news agency.

Despite Qatar's strong relationship with the Taliban, Doha has criticised the Taliban's gender policies targeting women.

Since the takeover, Taliban leadership has consistently issued severe decrees restricting Afghan women and girls' access to education and employment, reported Khaama Press.

Thousands of women have stayed at home since colleges and schools stopped accepting female students, and there are restrictions on the work that women and girls can do in local and international NGOs.

However, some women and girls have started working, such as by picking up trades or other commercial endeavours, in order to make money.

Since the Taliban regained power in August 2021 after the US exit from the country, women are not allowed to work in the fields of education with domestic and international organisations, in gyms, or in public spaces.