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April 4, 2018 | 5:04 PM
by Antara Bose
Collection from Greta Tulipani

Fashion – a word described in so many beautiful ways by different designers. Every designer label has its own story to tell, an inspiration from where it blossoms, and a distinct statement that it makes when it captures the limelight.

Talking about designer labels, an Africa-Italian brand has recently created a stir in Oman’s market through their online presence. Drawing inspiration from the communities it serves, supporting women tailors in Africa, and showcasing a range of clothes that are as vibrant in designs as they are in spirit, there was so much to discover about Greta Tulipani that we just had to get talking with the brand’s co-founder, Valeria Cepi.

“For Greta Tulipani, fashion translates to being bold, unique and distinct. In a broader sense, Greta Tulipani envisions fashion to represent a sorority that shares, supports and encourages women,” said Valeria.

Greta Tulipani was born in and inspired by the African culture. It draws inspiration from the bold and vibrant patterns and designs that are unique to African culture and tradition which we aesthetically transform into bespoke fashion pieces with Italian cuts and curves that any modern woman would love to wear. Each piece of Greta Tulipani is handcrafted and comes to life from the hard-working, nimble hands of women tailors in Africa.

“The brand provides these women, not only a job, but a sustainable livelihood to look after their families. Thus, Greta Tulipani is not just a fashion brand, but also an empathic entity that thinks and acts beyond fabrics, threads, and designs. It is vibrant and truly distinctive, just like the brand philosophy,” she added.

Born from the etymology of two words, ‘Greta’ meaning pearl and ‘Tulipani’ the Italian name for tulip flower, Greta Tulipani is the brainchild of two fashion-loving entrepreneurs Emanuela Mura and Valeria Cepi, and they wanted to see their creative dreams become a reality.

The brand was born in 2014 in the idyllic African town of Cape Verde. Today, Greta Tulipani not only creates dresses, tee-shirts, and other apparels, but also comes out with exclusive bags, beach accessories, and shoes. The brand is currently working on an elite men’s collection too.

Talking about the biggest concern when launching the brand, Valeria said that the thought of having to compete and come face-to-face with other already established designers was undoubtedly a little terrifying.

“The market was competitive, and the concept of fast-fashion was growing rapidly. It is only because of our deep passion and belief in this project that we were able to overcome these fears. Throughout our journey, we stood by the “Fair Trade” philosophy, learned from our mistakes, and drew courage from our achievements. We can now proudly share with clients our “green” vision which forms the foundation of our brand. We maintain utmost transparency in our dealings with our clients and maintain an eco-friendly, sustainable and humble outlook in all our endeavours, she said.

Having expanded into the Omani market, Valerie says that they are enjoying the Sultanate’s culture. “It’s modern; yet it has very strong, traditional, and colourful cultural roots. This has inspired us a lot and we will bring that out in our designs soon. When I moved to Oman to explore the market, I found that the Omani youth had a flair for mixing different styles in their fashion. They are always in search of the next new trend in fashion and some even have a knack for setting their own trend,” she added.

With social media, they were able to reach out to such fashionistas, and at the same time, use it as a platform to introduce their brand to the market. The Omani market had been really amazing to them and they keep getting enquiries about the brand.

“There are many youngsters who are keen to explore our brand. We are also equally enthusiastic to work with them. We love learning about new cultures. We want to delve deeper into the local culture to get a real feel of the customs of Omani people. This will help us to create unique pieces that will reflect Oman’s true sense of style. We are also open to collaborating with local designers as we believe this will give us a chance to create a one-of-a-kind collection,” said Valerie.

Instagram: greta_tulipani

Facebook: Greta Tulipani

Antara Bose is a model turned fashion and beauty consultant. A popular blogger, anchor, and voice over artist, she maintains a deep connection with the local fashion industry and is passionate about discovering and celebrating aspiring talent as well as promoting animal rights. For fashion updates with a sideof humour and sarcasm follow Antara on instagram @antarabose and on Facebook: Antara Bose.

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