Tender for construction of rainwater drainage in Amerat

Oman Sunday 28/May/2023 20:43 PM
By: Times News Service
Tender for construction of rainwater drainage in Amerat

Muscat: After the completion of the Amerat Phase I, the Muscat Municipality has floated a tender for the construction of rainwater drainage canal in Mahaj area of Amerat Phase II.

The region is known to be affected by flash floods from wadis, as it lacks surface water drainage system. The first phase of the project included the construction of a canal adjacent to the mountain to reduce the impact of falling water which floods residential areas.

The project involves the construct of an open canal 18 metres wide and 1,100 metres long, creation of a box culvert containing three openings that will be 3.5 metres wide and 2.5 metres high, and 880 metres long, and the reconstruction of affected roads to which the current service lanes will be transferred.

It is hoped that the project will take care of water accumulation in the area during rainfall or flow of water in the wadis. The waterway was closed after the area witnessed enhanced construction and commercial activity in the region.