Oman Post ranks third globally in customer satisfaction index

Oman Saturday 27/May/2023 14:33 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Post ranks third globally in customer satisfaction index
Oman Post has entered into various partnerships with many government agencies. (Representative Image)

Muscat: Oman Post has ranked third globally in the customer satisfaction index for the year 2022.

The postal services sector, express shipping solutions and e-commerce at Oman Post and Asyad Express, a subsidiary of the Asyad Group, achieved remarkable annual growth during the year 2022 in its various operations.

The volume of express parcels witnessed a high growth rate of 92 percent, and the rate of express mail delivery on time increased from 93 percent in 2021 to 98 percent in 2022.

Additionally, The percentage of delivery performance according to the service level agreement increased to 98 percent, compared to 93 percent in 2021. These indicators are reflected in the classification of courier services in the Sultanate of Oman, to come first in the world according to the classification of the Universal Postal Union.

In terms of customer satisfaction index, customer service at Oman Post ranked third among the best in the world in 2022, compared to 43rd in 2021. The total customer satisfaction score was 92 percent for postal services, and 90 percent for shipping, parcels and express mail services.

In continuation of its strategic goal of expanding international delivery services and opening more business opportunities with regional and international markets, Oman Post and Asyad Express were able during the year 2022 to expand their network in the field of e-commerce, freight services, parcels and express mail to include 11 countries, namely: Morocco, Iraq, Tanzania, Qatar and Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait and Türkiye. This was part of a plan to target many regional and global markets in the year 2023.

On the local side, Oman Post has entered into various partnerships with many government agencies to issue 12 postal stamps, documenting various national events and occasions.

In support of the strategic directions in providing distinguished and innovative postal services, Oman Post and Asyad Express were able to obtain the addressing certificate (s42) issued by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) of the United Nations. It will lead to an increase in the efficiency of mail delivery and a reduction in operational financial costs for processing, sorting and distribution operations.

Oman Post has also launched a range of government services, such as document authentication services in Muscat Governorate, in preparation for the stage of entering medical services transactions, in partnership with VFS Global. A Technical Stamp Committee has also been set up to ensure reliable governance procedures so that Omani stamps comply with international standards.

In the field of e-commerce and last-mile delivery activities, the rate of active customers at Asyad Express increased during the year 2022 by 13 percent, including major local and international brands, with a total of (202) active customers, compared to (179) customers in 2021.

The Sultanate of Oman has been classified by the "Inner Works Express" company as a regional gateway for shipments leaving Kuwait. This comes as a translation of the efforts and strategy of the Asyad Group in expanding its e-commerce solutions within the scope of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

The company is also currently conducting an in-depth study of the African market, through a global consulting firm that aims to study the feasibility of establishing a multi-modal logistics business and e-commerce center in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

At the local level, Oman Post entered into a partnership with the private sector, opening (156) outlets for postal services through these companies, and closing (16) non-profit branches.

In the field of quality, health, safety, security and the environment, Oman Post and Asyad Express achieved a compliance rate of 97 percent, compared to 83 percent for the year 2021.

It also obtained the ISO certificate for implementation of the integrated quality management system, and succeeded in submitting (354) imminent accident reports, as well as taking the necessary measures to close most of those observations. This led to the completion of (890,000) working hours without any wasted time.