Metaverse experts EXARTA make the move to Dubai

Roundup Friday 26/May/2023 14:41 PM
By: Times News Service
Metaverse experts EXARTA make the move to Dubai

Muscat: EXARTA, a leading Metaverse Company specialising in virtual reality and AI-based solutions for e-commerce, has announced the opening of its newest office in Dubai at the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) Crypto Centre. The new office is part of the company's global expansion strategy and will serve as a hub for its operations in the Middle East region.

The new location is only appropriate as Dubai is known for its innovation and expansion, "We are excited to finally establish our presence in Dubai, one of the world's most dynamic and innovative cities," said Rashid Ali, CEO of EXARTA. "We’re already making big moves in the Middle East and having exciting discussions with some of the area's major players."

The top 32 Metaverse company is known for pioneering technological advancements, which will offer a fresh perspective and unique solutions among the many businesses that have set up shop at the DMCC Crypto Centre. The city of Dubai is also a welcoming oasis for the tech minded. Modernist architecture is the most noticeable aspect of Dubai’s vision for the future and is something that the Crypto Building is structurally coordinated with. Dubai is home to GITEX Global, the largest technology tradeshow in the world. It is not a far leap to derive that this city is a thriving hub for trade and business.

The connection between this city of the future and EXARTA is a clear parallel. The Metaverse specialists provide innovative AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions to businesses across differing industries. Its virtual reality and AI-based products help companies create immersive and interactive experiences. CEO Rashid divulges, “Our technology will transform the way brands engage with prospects, turning site visitors into loyal customers with innovative online experiences.”

The DMCC Crypto Centre is a hub of life for all that is blockchain, tech, or AI related and provides a perfect settlement for business growth in this geographical region. EXARTA establishing their presence in the Crypto Centre and Dubai will help with connections in the tech industry and the Middle East, an ever-growing centre of digital advancement.

One of EXARTA’s finest achievements in MAAS (Metaverse as a Service) is their development of virtual services. While Planet EXARTA's first virtual city of Valayt mirrors the vibrant London, the home of their newest office space stands as a veritable blueprint for future cities in the company’s expanding Metaverse.

With technological accomplishments such as (a virtual AI assistant) and an ethnographic approach to data research, the placement in one of the top tech cities in the world will beg the question, what is next? Dedication to their growing customer base has seen ways in which the Metaverse has not been used before, such as virtual shopping spaces and retail cities. Fused with other great minds in a location where technological development is more than encouraged will lend to their leadership in the tech space and open the door for future innovations.

Establishing itself internationally in Dubai allows EXARTA to grow its customer base and collaborate with businesses in a similar field, enhancing its products and services. Creating community is a top priority for EXARTA. Through global development, it will only grow to new heights.

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