20-30 years from now, people will say Quad changed dynamics of world: Biden

World Sunday 21/May/2023 10:26 AM
20-30 years from now, people will say Quad changed dynamics of world: Biden

Hiroshima : United States President Joe Biden, on Saturday, said that from 20-30 years from now people will look back at Quad and will say that it had changed the dynamics not only of the region but of the world as the new initiatives will build secure telecommunications in the Indo-Pacific region.

In the opening remarks of the Quad meeting held on the sidelines of a Group of Seven Summit (G-7) meeting in the Japanese city of Hiroshima, Biden said, "While our setting today is different, our mission remains the same and that is to advance our vision of a free, open, secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific. And to demonstrate the capacity of democracy Pacific and the capacity of democracies to deliver on a shared region. I think people are going to look back at this Quad."

"10, 20, 30 years from now and say it changed the dynamics not only as a region but the world. And while the setting today is different, in our last two years we made enormous progress," he added.

He further stated that the Quad is now launching new initiatives to keep that progress going from projects to build secure telecommunications in the Pacific region to strengthen the cooperation and submarine cables.

The US president further stated that one of the counterparts, who is also the part of ASEAN group, had stated that Quad is a "very good idea."

"I think a great deal of the future of our world is going to be written here in the Indo-Pacific. And together, I think we're going to continue to assure that the future provides more opportunity, prosperity and stability than anything else. So I want to thank you again for your strong partnership and friendship, and I apologize again for the change in plans, but thank you for this, and I look forward to our conversations tonight," Biden said.

On Indo-Pacific, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said that they will continue the important work, standing together for an open, stable, secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.

"A region where sovereignty is respected and all countries - large and small benefit from a regional balance that keeps the peace, respect for the leadership of regional institutions, including ASEAN, the Pacific Island Forum and Indian Ocean RIM Association is central to our approach," Albanese said.

Participating in the Quad Summit, PM Narendra Modi said that the Quad group has established itself as an important platform for peace, stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific. He further stated that there is no doubt at all about the fact that the Indo-Pacific region is the engine for global trade, innovation and development.

"We agree that the security and success of the Indo-Pacific is important, not just for this region, but, for the entire world. We are moving forward with a constructive agenda based on shared democratic values through our shared efforts. We are giving a practical dimension to our vision - strategic technologies, reliable supply chain, health security, maritime security, counter-terrorism and constructive partnership are growing," he added.

Meanwhile, Japan's PM Fumio Kishida said that all will listen to the voices of regional countries of ASEAN, South Asia & Pacific island states to engage in practical cooperation which delivers true benefits to the region as a force for good.