Alizz ONE receives accolade as an exceptional banking value proposition

Roundup Monday 15/May/2023 14:18 PM
By: Times News Service
Alizz ONE receives accolade as an exceptional banking value proposition

MuscatAlizz ONE the comprehensive enhanced banking value proposition for salaried customers from Alizz Islamic Bank has been honored with the 'OER Business Excellence Award for Meeting customer requirements through a value proposition and enhanced banking experience' at the OER Business and HR Excellence Awards held as part of the OER Business Summit 2023. The award ceremony recognizes outstanding organizations and individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, vision, and achievement in setting new benchmarks for excellence in the business world.

The award was received by Mr. Asaad bin Hilal Al Kharusi, Assistant General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Alizz Islamic Bank.

Alizz ONE offers a comprehensive range of services, encompassing financing, accounts, and savings plans specifically designed for individuals seeking to transfer their salaries to Alizz Islamic Bank. With a wide variety of options available and flexible financing rates, the program not only caters to customer's diverse financial needs but also enhances the overall customer experience, empowering them to pursue their investment goals with confidence.

Featuring a range of versatile options, Alizz ONE includes a current account, designed to facilitate various customer transactions. Additionally, it offers a savings plan account with attractive monthly profits, enabling customers to save and work towards specific financial goals through a structured savings plan. Moreover, the program provides a savings account for deposits, offering the flexibility to link it to both a current account and a savings account, while also providing customers with the option to obtain a check book.

Alizz ONE from Alizz Islamic Bank also provides a wide range of financing options, including home finance, auto finance, and personal finance at competitive profit rates.

Designed exclusively for customers who transfer their salaries to Alizz Islamic Bank, Alizz ONE offers an array of wonderful and enticing benefits. These include a full-year exemption from credit card fees when applying for a card, as well as obtaining a direct debit card without any annual fees for the first year. Additionally, Alizz ONE provides attractive discounts on various Takaful insurance products in compliance with Shari'a, such as vehicle, travel, life, and other related products.