Cambridge Analytica CEO brags about Trump campaign
March 21, 2018 | 1:59 PM
by Times TV

Britain: In footage aired by the UK's Channel 4 on Tuesday, they say the company helped Donald Trump score a victory in the 2016 election and ran key parts of his campaign.

Reuters was unable to verify the video.

The British consultancy has sparked a scandal over Facebook's data policies, after Channel 4 released two video reports from an undercover investigation. The latest programme shows a secretly recorded meeting with CA's now-suspended CEO.

During the conversation, Alexander Nix brags that he met candidate Trump "many times". He also says the company did team Trump's data targeting, and ran the digital and television campaigns.

In a statement, CA said this does "not represent the values or operations of the firm".

Members of Trump's campaign have yet to respond to Reuters requests for comment. The scandal has raised questions about how private organisations can gain access to Facebook's data, and the social media network's responsibility to inform its users of any potential privacy breach.

Facebook has lost $60 billion of its stock market value over the last two days, and the fallout is prompting regulators in Washington, London and Brussels to take action.

One top U.S. Senator has called on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify in Congress.

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