These were the top 10 crimes in Oman last year
March 21, 2018 | 11:05 PM
by Times News Service
Image used for illustrative purpose. Photo: Pablo Padilla/Unsplash

Muscat: Issuing bounced cheques topped the list of 10 most reported crimes in Oman in 2017, followed by drug and theft related crimes, Oman's Public Prosecution announced at their annual press conference.

While 4,716 cheque bounce cases were recorded, the number of drug-related crimes were 2,497. This was followed by 2,272 cases of theft; 1,993 "insult to dignity" cases; 1,808 cases of labour laws being violated; and 1,350 cases of traffic violations.

Cases violating consumer protection laws reached 1,298, while there was a spike in crimes of abuse against minors, as the number rose to 1,111.

Illegally entering the country was another crime that was on the rise as 1,049 cases were recorded.

Here's the list:

1. 4,716 Bounced cheque cases

2. 2,497 Drug-related crimes

3. 2,272 Thefts

4. 1,993 Insult to dignity

5. 1,808 Violated labour laws

6. 1,350 Traffic violations

7. 1,298 Cases violating consumer protection laws reached

8. 1,267 Violating expatriate residence law

9. 1,111 Crimes of abuse against minors

10. 1,049 Illegally entering the country

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