Omanis not in favour of having expats as street vendors
May 18, 2019 | 8:15 PM
by Times News Service
Supplied photo.

Muscat: Almost 80 per cent of people who took part in an online poll have voted against hiring expats as street vendors.

Last week, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry conducted a poll on Twitter asking for opinions on whether expats should be allowed to work as street vendors in Oman.

The Ministry of Manpower had earlier issued a directive restricting the role to Omanis only.

Out of 4,989 votes, 77 per cent voted against expatriates working as street vendors, while 23 per cent voted in favour.

In the poll, the ministry asked: “After different opinions arrived at on the topic of expatriates working as street vendors in Oman, what is your opinion?”


The poll gave respondents two options: “With employing expats as street vendors” and “Against employing expats as street vendors.”

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry had recently announced that only Omanis could be street vendors, adding that the job was meant to allow Omani job seekers to find a temporary occupation or as the beginning of a larger business.

You can take part in the poll by visiting the ministry Twitter account @MOCI_OMAN. The poll is open till Sunday.

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