Indian Vir Chakra martyr's widow becomes Army officer

World Sunday 30/April/2023 11:37 AM
Indian Vir Chakra martyr's widow becomes Army officer

Chennai : Rekha Singh, the widow of Galwan Valley clash hero Naik Deepak Singh, was inducted into the Indian Army on Saturday after the successful completion of training at the Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai.

Rekha Singh, wife of Naik Deepak Singh who was killed in the clash in 2020 and was awarded Vir Chakra (Posthumous), has been commissioned into the Indian Army as a Lieutenant and has been posted to a frontline base along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. Speaking to ANI, Lt Rekha Singh said that she had begun her preparation for the Army after her husband was killed in a clash with the Chinese soldiers, which also claimed the lives of 20 soldiers in 2020.

"After my husband passed away I decided to join Indian Army and started preparing for it. Today my training has been completed and I have become a Lieutenant. I am feeling very proud," she said.

The newly commissioned Army officer, in a word of advice to other lady officers, asked to have faith in themselves.

"I would like to advise all the lady officers to believe in themselves and do whatever they want to do. Don't think about what others are thinking," she said.

She extended best wishes to the women officers who were commissioned into the Army.

In addition to this, five women Army officers were on Saturday inducted into the artillery regiment of the Indian Army. Their names include Lieutenant Mehak Saini, Lt Pious Mudgil, Lt Sakshi Dubey, Lt Aditi Yadav, and Lt Akanksha.

The officers said that it was a proud moment for all of them to become the first batch of women officers to be inducted in the artillery for the first time in history.

Lt. Aditi Yadav who joined the army after the Passing Out Parade at OTA Chennai said that she was a daughter of a serving soldier in the army.

"My father is serving in the Indian Army, and the opening of the Artillery for women candidates attracted me naturally. I would like to give a message to all those women who want to join the Indian Army, this is the best choice, don't have any doubt, just join," she said.

Another newly inducted officer Lt. Sakshi Dubey said that her father motivated her since she was young.

She further said that joining and becoming a part of the Indian Army would give them the opportunity to find themselves.

"My father motivated me since childhood to join the army. And Artillery came as an opportunity for the women candidates. Message for all the women out there, joining the army will help you find yourself," Lt. Sakshi Dubey said.

Another women officer who was commissioned today referred to the "stigma" concerning women joining the armed forces and said that such things do not exist anymore.

"People have stigmas about women joining the armed forces, but such stigmas don't exist anymore. Women are doing everything at par with men and the best example of that is the training of women officers which is now integrated," she said.

"There is no such thing as male or female officers, we all are officers in the end," the officer added.

The Indian Army said that the five Women Officers (WOs) being commissioned into the Regiment of Artillery are being provided exactly the same opportunities.

"...and challenges as their male counterparts (19 male officers are also commissioned into the Artillery). These young women officers are being posted to all types of artillery units, where they will get adequate training and exposure to handle Rocket, Medium, Field and Surveillance & Target Acquisition (SATA) & equipment in challenging conditions," the Army said.

The Army informed that three out of the five officers commissioned today are posted to units deployed along Northern borders and the other two in challenging locations in the Western Theatre.