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March 14, 2018 | 2:46 PM
by Times News Service
Majid Al Amri, CEO of Thawani Technologies. - Supplied picture

Muscat: Thawani Technologies Company announced the beta release of the Thawani app for free download on Android and iOS platforms, which began March 13. The revolutionary app will deliver one of the simplest and most innovative e-payment solutions in the Sultanate.

“After great efforts spanning several years, we are proud to announce the availability of the Thawani beta app, to provide all users with the most secure and state-of-the-art e-payment solutions. We are confident this app will take the process of cash management and digital transactions to a higher level of flexibility,” said Majid Al Amri, CEO of Thawani Technologies.

“We are incredibly pleased with the positive response which followed the announcement of our making available our innovative app, which highlights the demand for next generation e-payment solutions in the local market. Thawani is a leading platform for e-transactions and payment set-up, and is developed in accordance with the highest international standards of online security,” he added.

The technology company recently unveiled its innovative e-payments platform ‘Thawani’, which relies on a smart phone to make and accept payments from customers. The new e-payment solution offers a safe, simple, and highly secure payment method as an alternative to cash, credit, and debit cards.

Thawani has been designed to be an easy payment solution that takes away the complexity of having to remember multiple pin numbers and passwords, alongside keeping banking information completely private. In order to use the app, a user needs to download the app from an app store and create an account, which involves entering all payment information they choose to have linked to the app. Once that is complete, they can enjoy the unique features of the app; each of which has been designed to make payments simple and secure.

“The beta release is being launched with a limited, but growing number of retailers who accept Thawani for payments. This allows us to examine market activity and the extent to which users can adopt to this new style of payments for convenience,” Al Amri said.

“Additionally, it will also test the reliability of the app in implementing transactions in remote locations. We trust that using the beta app will be a unique experience and will pave the way to launch the integrated platform with an expanded number of outlets and services,” he added.

With Thawani, customers only need to scan the retailer’s QR code and enter the amount of the payment to complete the transfer process. If they are not present at the shop, they can alternatively use their supplied merchant ID or saved phone number to carry out the transaction. At the same time, the retailer can send a customer a payment request via ‘WAYYAK’ on the app, which can then be approved to complete the transaction. In addition to the convenience it provides, the app also offers a wide range of other benefits, including a new alternative for paying bill.

Thawani Technologies Company recently signed a partnership agreement with Oman Arab Bank (OAB) to act as the banking consultant for Thawani. This ensures that e-payment products comply with instructions set forth by the Central Bank of Oman (CBO) and other market authorities. Additionally, OAB works closely with Thawani Technologies on matters relating to risk management and combating financial fraud, alongside the execution of all transactions via Thawani’s new e-payment app.

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