Child dies in school bus accident in Oman
March 14, 2018 | 9:28 AM
by Times News Service
Photo: Oman TV News/Twitter

Muscat: One school student has died and 12 more were injured in an accident in Adam.

According to authorities, the accident took place between a school bus and a truck.

The students studied at the Adam school and the Usama Bin Zaid School and belonged to grades 5 to 9 and 10 to 12 respectively.

Authorities at Nizwa Hospital confirmed that victims of the accident "that occurred in the Wilayat of Adam were brought to Nizwa Hospital".

The hospital added, "The number of cases that have reached us so far are nine, with 1 being a Green case, 6 Yellow cases, 1 Red and 1 Black case."

According to an official from the hospital, "The person who was categorised as a 'Red case' suffered burns in the accident".

Each colour code symbolises the severity of the case. While Red is serious, Green is normal, Yellow is average, and black means death.

The Ministry of Education said that it was "following up on the details of the accident involving a school bus that transports students to Adam school from grades 5-9, and Usama Bin Zaid School from grade 10-12, in A'Dakhiliyah."

The ministry has offered its condolences to the family of the deceased student.

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