Glimpses of Oman at Muscat Festival

Oman Friday 22/January/2016 17:50 PM
By: Times News Service
Glimpses of Oman at Muscat Festival

Muscat: It is called ‘Muscat Festival’ but visitors can get a glimpse of all of Oman thanks to the participation of the Ministry of Tourism.
In an information centre set up by the ministry, Said Al Mahrooqi and his colleague, provide information to visitors about the rich culture and history of Oman, as well as the most popular tourist destinations in the country.
Speaking to the Times of Oman, Al Mahrooqi said informative material, including maps, compact discs and brochures are being distributed among visitors and their inquiries are being answered.
The booklets feature useful information about Oman’s various governorates, useful Arabic words and phrases, means of travel, popular tourist sites, such as souqs (markets) and forts, customs and traditions, wildlife and nature, seas and lagoons, mountains and dunes, outdoor activities, food and places to stay.
It is important for the Ministry of Tourism to have a stand at the Muscat Festival as the festival is a perfect occasion to promote Oman’s tourism, Al Mahrooqi said.
He added that the ministry’s information centre and the festival always receive positive feedback from both local and foreign visitors and provides a platform for cultural exchange and interaction between different nationalities.
According to him, visitors are really interested in knowing more about Oman, especially its rich culture, history and traditions.
Al Mahrooqi’s statement is reflected in the fact that the Heritage Village in Amerat Park is one of the most popular sites at the venue, with the Bedouin section is the highlight of the section.
In a desert-like area set up featuring the Bedouin way of life, visitors are greeted with traditional Omani coffee brewing on fire and get a chance to better understand traditional coffee making, living in a tent and breeding camels.
“I will always remember the genuine hospitality shown to me here. I think they are doing a great job by keeping the traditional values of Oman alive,” said Marton, a visitor from Hungary.