Craftsman Ghulam Muhammad Beigh reviving ancient art of 'Sozni' on pashmina shawls in Kashmir

Lifestyle Thursday 13/April/2023 20:51 PM
Craftsman Ghulam Muhammad Beigh reviving ancient art of 'Sozni' on pashmina shawls in Kashmir

Srinagar: The exquisite art of Sozni, a form of needlework on pashmina shawls, has been passed down through generations in the family of Ghulam Muhammad Beigh from the Zadibal area of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

For almost 40 years, Ghulam Muhammad Beigh and his brother Mehboob Ali Beigh have meticulously crafted Sozni shawls by hand, continuing their family profession with pride. Their dedication to this ancient art has earned them recognition not only domestically but also abroad.

Ghulam Muhammad Beigh (50) is renowned for his masterful craftsmanship in Sozni work. His needlework shawls, created with his expertise and immense patience, have been purchased by prominent personalities in India and abroad, including the renowned Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan.

The Beigh family has a legacy of excellence in Sozni's work, with all artisans who have passed through their family being honored with national and international awards, including the prestigious "Best of the Best" award.

Ghulam Muhammad Beigh himself has also received numerous state and national level awards, acknowledging his exceptional skills and contributions to the handicraft industry.

Beigh's factory in Donipura Zadibal is a testament to his dedication to Sozni's work.

Along with his own showroom, where one can admire the diverse and attractive designs of Sozni shawls created by him, it is evident that these shawls are not made in a matter of months, but take years to complete.

Ghulam Muhammad Beigh's passion for his craft shines through in every intricate detail of his needlework.

Despite the presence of skilled needlework artisans in Kashmir, Ghulam Muhammad Beigh emphasizes the need for an advertising campaign to promote the handicraft industry and provide better market facilities for artisans. He believes that artisans like him should be encouraged and their expertise utilized to give a new dimension to the ancient art of Sozni.

Ghulam Muhammad Beigh's dedication to preserving and promoting Sozni work is a testament to his love for his craft and his desire to see it thrive for generations to come.

In a recent tweet, Jammu and Kashmir LG Manoj Sinha appreciated Ghulam Muhammad Beigh's work and his contribution to the ancient art of Sozni. This recognition from a prominent figure highlights the significance of Ghulam Muhammad Bligh's craftsmanship and the impact it has on preserving and promoting the rich heritage of Sozni work in Kashmir.

Ghulam Muhammad Beigh's story is a true example of the passion, dedication, and skill that artisans bring to their craft, and his work serves as an inspiration for others to appreciate and support the traditional arts and crafts of the region. (