Iftar Recipe: Sholeh zard from Iran

Ramadan Friday 07/April/2023 10:07 AM
By: Firdaus Noorain
Iftar Recipe: Sholeh zard from Iran

Sholeh Zard or Persian Saffron Rice Pudding is a very traditional dish mostly present on the table during Iftar. Sholeh means pudding and Zard means yellow. This popular Persian dessert is made on all sorts of occasions in Iran including Shabe Yalda, also known as Yalda Night which is celebrated on the longest night of the year and indicates the arrival of winter.

Sholeh zard recipe


1 Cup Rice - Preferred Jasmine Rice which is used traditional way, soak for 3 to 4 hours.

 8 cups of water

1 cup of sugar

60gms Butter

6 tsp Rose Water

1/3 Cup Bloomed Saffron

Almonds Sliced ​​or Chopped ½ cup

Powdered Cardamom ¼ tsp

Some silver cut almonds and pistachios for Garnish


Add the Soaked Rice with water to a cooking pot and cook the rice until its mushy and sticky in consistency.

Add sugar and keep on medium heat.

Add bloomed saffron along with butter and keep stirring, because the bottom could burn if left unstirred.

You may add water if needed to keep the consistency right.

Now add rosewater and sliced ​​almonds and cook for 5 mints on very low flame and keep stirring.

Remove from the heat and serve it hot with garnished almonds, pistachio and cinnamon.

Firdaus Noorain is a food vlogger, entrepreneur, food columnist and recipe creator by hobby and Managing Director of Bake'In by profession.