Muscat Municipality’s ‘green drive’ initiative bears fruit

Oman Saturday 01/April/2023 19:41 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat Municipality’s ‘green drive’ initiative bears fruit

Muscat: The ‘green drive’ by Muscat Municipality has led to a total green cover of 2,730,446 square metres in the Muscat Governorate and setting up of a total of 137 parks with public facilities for the residents.

Muscat Municipality is keen to provide people-friendly parks and walkways and it is already in the process of building more walkways around major residential neighbourhoods.

Muscat’s green landscape has wowed people and tourists over the years and the landscaping department of Muscat Municipality plays a key role in ensuring that the green cover provides a sustainable green environment.

Muscat Municipality has adopted the latest and best technologies in the field of landscaping and continues its goals of spreading the green landscapes in the governorate.

Well-thought-out plans to expand the scope of flat green spaces, offering a sustainable and healthy lifestyle that are in line with the humanisation of cities, are being planned.

As part of these measures, Muscat Municipality is working on setting up more walkways and establishment of public parks.

The municipal plant nursery plays a vital role in the propagation of some trees that are used as green cover in projects. Some of the major types of trees and plantations propagated are Sidr, Zam, Peltophorum, Neem, Cassia Ndura, African tulip, Begonia, and Royal Poinciana.
The green cover in the governorate include 19,565 date trees and 51,831 other trees.

The number of shrubs and fences is estimated to be 336,777, and seasonal flowers spread over 84,205 square metres. The average annual production of plants in Al Qurm Park is estimated from 100,000 to 120,000 trees, 250,000 to 300,000 shrubs, and 500,000 fences and soil coverings.

The project to landscape the area adjacent to public roads and squares have a special appeal to the municipality’s projects in Muscat governorate. The landscaping adds diversity in visual vision through the extensions of roads and concrete walls of buildings and urbanisation, as well as afforestation of these extensions has environmental, psychological and aesthetic benefits consistent with modern concepts of planning.

The Directorate General of Projects and Landscaping is implementing a number of projects related to afforestation, and it has so far completed 80 percent of the landscaping work in Bousher Public Park, in addition to the completion of the afforestation of the Mashawi Village project in Al Amerat. The municipality recently completed the implementation of the fourth Al Amerat walkway project, which was supervised by the Directorate of Muscat Municipality in Al Amerat.

Muscat Municipality has implemented a number of walkways in various areas of Muscat, including Al Mahaj in Al Amerat, Al Wadi Al Kabeer, as well as Jaal in Bousher, Exhibition Street at the Airport Heights, and Sur Al Hadeed walkway in Seeb.

Currently, there are a number of walkways under construction, such as the Golden Jubilee walkway in Al Mawaleh, fourth zone in Al Amerat and Daghmar walkway in Quriyat.