Imran Khan alleges police chiefs planning another 'assassination plot' against him

World Friday 24/March/2023 08:33 AM
Imran Khan alleges police chiefs planning another 'assassination plot' against him

Islamabad: Imran Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) alleged that the police chiefs of Punjab and Islamabad, along with their 'handlers,' have plotted to kill him and are "getting serious to assassinate him," reported Dawn.

In an addressing from his Zaman Park residence, Khan, on Wednesday said, "the IGs of Punjab and Islamabad have constituted two separate squads, who will join the PTI works and open fire on the police... to provoke an armed retaliation and eventually reach [inside the house] and assassinate me, in a day or two." "The IGs and handlers have planned a Model Town-style murder," the ex-prime minister claimed.

A Pakistan English Daily reported, the PTI chief has also issued instructions to his party workers appealing them to not provoke the cops at any cost. He directed, "If the police want to approach me with any warrant or for any other matter, let them approach me directly."

He said, "Even if I will be arrested and they try to take me to jail, I will go to jail happily and will never wish any harm on my party workers." "The incumbent government and its plants to kill me were failed and now they have become jittery and taking extreme measures," he commented.

Khan urged the youth to promise to stand against the oppression of the current government even if he is killed. "Put up a fight until the last ball because the government wants to create an environment of fear so that no one stands up and questions them about their wrongdoing," PTI leader said, adding that the government should be aware that the movement would not be halted.

"The real traitors are a few [people] sitting in corridors of power and making decisions," he claimed.

Claiming that he had been issued a contempt notice for failing to appear in court at the Islamabad Judicial Complex, the PTI chief addressed the chief justice of the Islamabad High Court and detailed his journey from Lahore to Islamabad, particularly his five-hour struggle from Islamabad Toll Plaza to the judicial complex, according to Dawn.

Neither my party's members nor the general public were violent. Khan claimed and questioned police brutality against party members. "I stood outside the judicial complex's gate for 40 minutes," he said, adding that he saw rowdiness of "police, army, and unknown people wearing CTD uniforms" during that time.

"They planned to take my vehicle inside the complex, close the gates, create a violent situation, and kill me in a Murtaza Bhutto-style murder," Khan said, adding that he returned from the gate after signing the attendance register.

Only hours before the Election Commission of Pakistan postponed elections in Punjab to October 8, the PTI leader stated that the government would not allow election rallies and public meetings to take place, despite the fact that the elections were set for April 30.

The former ruling party called a "historic" public meeting at Minar-i-Pakistan on Saturday (March 25) at 8 pm, Dawn reported.