3,423 archaeological sites identified for restoration in Oman

Oman Wednesday 22/March/2023 17:47 PM
By: Times News Service
3,423 archaeological sites identified for restoration in Oman

MUSCAT: The efforts of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism to restore and maintain castles, forts, ancient lanes, mosques, and archaeological sites have borne fruit with 310 archaeological sites restored in 2022, according to a senior official at the ministry.

Engineer Amjad bin Ahmed Al Makhladi, director of restoration and maintenance at the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, said: “The restoration campaign is among the key responsibilities of the ministry with an aim to preserve the Omani architectural and archaeological heritage for future generations and also develop these sites to attract tourists.”

Among the 310 historical and archaeological sites restored are 83 castles, fortresses and archaeological walls, 145 towers and 80 mosques.

Al Makhladi said: “Another 3,423 archaeological sites have been identified for restoration and maintenance. We have already announced the tenders for the restoration and maintenance of various archaeological sites. These include Al-Owaid Tower in the Wilayat of Al Musanna, Al-Maghabsha Wall and Al-Hilal Wall in Willayat of Al Suwaiq, Sohar fort, maintenance of Jibrin fort, reconstruction of Al-Seeb fort, maintenance of Sadah fort and the restoration of Al-Kasfa Tower (Al-Ramah).”

Among the major projects under maintenance are Al-Marah fort, Al-Munaikh fort, Ibri fort and mosque, Al-Muntarib fort, Al Wasil Fort and Al-Musanna fort.

Many citizens have welcomed the ministry’s efforts to preserve the forts and archaeological sites in the Sultanate of Oman.

Nasser Al Shidani said: “The efforts taken by the Omani government to restore these monuments is commendable. They are our national treasures and reflect our deep and strong tradition and history. We should be proud and the public should come forward to ensure that these national treasures are safeguarded.”

Hussain Al Saqri said that more awareness is growing with a lot of these sites being promoted on social media accounts. “Tourism is a key driver of the economy and Oman is blessed to have so many attractions. The ministry is taking positive steps but along with the preservation and conservation of these sites, more facilities should be provided for tourists to visit these places.”