Bad weather hampering Iran plane crash search teams
February 19, 2018 | 12:33 PM
by Times TV

Iran: Poor weather conditions are hindering crews searching for the wreckage of an Iranian passenger plane, which went down shortly after taking off from Tehran.

All on board are feared dead.

Somewhere in these mountains lies the wreckage of an Iranian passenger plane, but bad weather is making it near impossible for search crews to do their job. Rain coupled with a rocky terrain is making most roads near the town of Semirom unpassable, and right now, there's no telling if any of the 65 passengers and crew on board survived. The Aseman twin-engine turbo prop was en route from from Tehran to the southwest city of Yasuj when it came down on Sunday. Since then, State TV says more than 100 emergency personnel have been deployed to the area. While two helicopters were twice sent out to look for remains of the plane, only to be turned back because of harsh conditions.

A local villager said, "The roads here aren't passable. Vehicles are here and lots of people, too. When we heard about it around 11 am or 12 noon, we searched all the village areas but we didn't find anything."

Some 70 local mountain climbers were also brought in to help crews navigate the rugged hills, but with each passing hour, the chances of finding survivors slims.

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