Muscat Municipality to install meters in more car parking lots
February 17, 2018 | 10:55 PM
by Times News Service
Muscat Municipality has created several options for car drivers to reserve parking spaces. Photo-File

Muscat: More car parks are expected to be installed with meters in Muscat Governorate, the Muscat Municipality (MM) said.

Muscat Municipality added additional paid car parking between Al Araimi Centre and Khamis Plaza in Qurm on Thursday, February 15th.

The parking meter fee will be 100 baisas for each 30 minutes of parking, based upon Resolution 151/2016 of the Regulation on the use of Public Parking.

In a statement, officials said, “The Municipality has expanded the meter system, which is subject to fees for the most appropriate use of parking, due to urban growth and the population density of the city, and the growing number of vehicles.”

The new meters allow for accepting 100 baisa currency, along with 50 baisa coins. They also work with prepaid cards provided by the municipality. The new meters can be powered by solar energy, as well as electricity.

Counters selling cards are located in Al Khuwair area, Al Ghubra North area, Al Qurum commercial area, Al Khoudh commercial market, the Friday market in Al Wadi Al Kabeer, Al Shujaiya market and the commercial district located in Muttrah Al Kubra. All counters operate from 8 am to 1 pm and 4 to 9 pm, except on Friday, Saturday and public holidays.

Muscat Municipality has created several options to reserve parking spaces through the “Municipality” application on smart phones, SMS and the Muscat Municipality website, which allows for the purchase of a temporary position permit, along with renewals and payments of parking violations, in addition to direct cash payment methods, and monthly permits for parking meters.

Paid parking in Muscat is now found in 12 areas of the governorate, with 273 counters and 9,472 parking spaces available.

The Municipality amended fees and fines for parking in Muscat in 2016, at which time both fines and fees were increased.

The amendment notes that motorists have to pay 200 baisas as parking fees for every hour, and those interested in booking a parking space for an entire month will pay OMR50, or pay OMR15 as a fee for a private parking permit.

“Now there are going to be fewer free parking spaces. Although paid parking is not expensive, it is sometimes just a hassle to pay, instead of free parking. I wouldn’t want more paid parking,” said Ahmed Hassan, a resident.

“I think it isn’t a big deal. Qurum has a lot of offices, and if you want to occupy a parking space you must pay. It’s also there in the UAE, where it is more expensive, while Oman has been very lenient in this. I think such a decision is fine and most residents will have no problem with this,” added Yusuf Khan, another expatriate.

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