Datamount is close to launching Al Bandar Centre, one of the largest data centres in Oman

Roundup Tuesday 14/March/2023 09:12 AM
By: Times News Service
Datamount is close to launching Al Bandar Centre, one of the largest data centres in Oman

Muscat: In 2023, Datamount, the company that specialises in data centers and cloud services owned by several government pension funds and other investors is preparing to lunch the Al-Bandar data center, which is the third and the largest data center for the company after the Muscat and the Al Jabal Akhdar Data Center.

On this occasion, Dr. Tahir Al Kindi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said, “in line with the future vision of the digital transformation of the Sultanate, we are getting close to inaugurating one of the largest data centers in the Sultanate, which represents a qualitative step that reflects the global position of the Sultanate in this field. The center will contribute to advancing digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and cloud services in the government and private sector in the Sultanate of Oman to keep abreast of the fourth industrial revolution's developments and ensure the digital economy's continuity and growth. The center was designed with international specifications and the latest technologies, where our customers can obtain greater flexibility in managing their data operations with high protection from any potential dangers that may arise from cyber threats. In addition, our various services and products and our experience in managing data centers will ensure the integration of digital solutions for our customers and simplify their business operations under one umbrella smoothly and at competitive prices. The locations of Datamount's three data centers were chosen with high accuracy. In distinct locations, the sites were comprehensively studied regarding the availability of safety, closeness to customers, and essential services such as electricity, water, and fiber net. The future expansion plans for all centers were also considered in terms of land area availability.

In a statement, Abdulmonem Al Futaisi, CEO, said, “The technologies of the digital age require that Datamount provide high-level services to its customers and provide the necessary environment according to the latest technologies, with a high level of efficiency and information security. We are approaching the operation of the third and largest data centers of the company, which is a great addition to the data centers and cloud services sector in the Sultanate and the Middle East; the center is built at Tier 3 level with the latest international specifications on the area of 8400 square meters with a total building area of 5400 square meters. The center will provide services with the latest technologies of the Internet of Things, cyber security, digital twin technology, artificial intelligence, and managed services while maintaining the highest levels of security, and a highly qualified specialized team will manage it. Data Mount is an accredited Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology provider to provide cloud services, video conferencing, and meeting systems. It holds a certificate from the American Uptime Institute that evaluates global data centers. It is granted to centers that provide electronic systems and infrastructure components with high quality, safety, and reliability. The company has obtained all the ISO certificates that are granted to data center companies, such as Information Technology Service Management, Business Continuity Management, Information Security Management, and Quality Management. Our services and competitive prices will ensure that customers achieve integration in digital solutions smoothly.”

Eng. Said Al Hosni, project manager, said: “Datamount is about to inaugurate one of the largest data centers in the Sultanate of Oman, designed according to the latest specifications. Upon completion of its three phases, the Al Bandar data center will accommodate more than 700 racks; Suitable location has been chosen for the center nearby all services and customers, and the standard specifications required to meet the requirements of Tier 3 (Uptime Tier 3) and (TIA 942 Rated 3) were taken into account. The data center is fully equipped with double electric lines, double backup generators, double data transmission lines, and double electrical rooms and cooling systems with iced water in cooperation with Tabreed Oman. The center has also provided an internal cooling device with iced water (Chiller) as an additional supplement.

Al Bandar data center provides the latest security and monitoring systems, such as advanced surveillance cameras, access control systems, and internal environment monitoring systems. It’s also equipped with safety systems such as firefighting systems that operate on environmentally friendly gas (Novec 1230). The company has also given great attention to the security of customer data, whether physical security or logical security, as accessing servers goes through strict procedures with multiple security levels by providing the system with network firewalls, access control, and data encryption.”