Ministry of Health calls for completion of death and birth reports

Oman Sunday 05/March/2023 15:54 PM
By: Times news service
Ministry of Health calls for completion of death and birth reports

Muscat: The Ministry of Health issued a notice regarding the completion of death and childbirth reports.

This comes within the context of Oman’s tendency to implement a number of development programs and electronic projects through integrated linking and coordination between many relevant government agencies. This comes also due to negligence and delay by the concerned citizens and residents alike in reporting the incidents of births and deaths by issuing birth and death certificates.

Such behavior negatively affects the implementation of the national strategy for electronic transformation, the provision of which is an important tributary for the National Center for Statistics and Information. The delay in completing these procedures is a violation of the provisions of Articles (13) and (27) of the Civil Status Law issued by Royal Decree No. (66/99).

Hence, The Ministry of Health calls upon all citizens and residents who have birth or death incidents to do the following:

1. To expedite the completion of procedures and issue a birth or death certificate as soon as possible, by approaching the institution where the incident occurred, even if a long period of time has passed.

2. The institutions at whom these incidents are recorded in the future must issue a birth or death certificate immediately upon their occurrence, through the communication channels available at the health institutions where the incident occurs.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Health has made many facilities to complete these procedures, by opening channels of communication via e-mail, phone calls, or sending the required documents via the WhatsApp service to those institutions.

Phone number to contact for registration of birth and death: 24441999

Website: www.moh.gov.om